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Our Talcs are designed to meet a wide range of properties, depending on particle size and color requirements. These Talcs are produced from the highest quality ores available from around the world. We are the largest supplier of high brightness talcs produced from the finest ores available.

General Application Benefits

Low iron and low surface area make our Talcs particularly good for polyolefin and other plastic applications. Our series of grades offer the best performance in terms of color and physical properties. We also offer more competitive grades that are slightly lower in color, but give excellent physical properties and are very cost effective. However the compounded color of both grades is superior to Talcs sourced from Montana and Canada.

These products find wide application in TPOs, high impact copolymers, homopolymers and under-the-hood automotive compounds. They are also used in films, foams, polyester, nylon and epoxy resins.

General Application Benefits

  • Provide reinforcement / Increases flexural modulus / Increases tensile strength / Minimal decrease in impact
  • Increases heat distortion temperature
  • Improves long-term heat aging (over other talcs) / High purity (Low Fe2O3)
  • Shrinkage / Reduces mold shrinkage / Reduces coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Increases crystallization temperature
  • Nucleating agent
  • Bubble nucleating – foamed products
  • Antiblock for films

Polymer Applications

  • TPO
  • Copolymers
  • PP Homopolymers
  • Nylon Polyester
  • Epoxy
  • LDPE, LLDPE Films
  • PE & PS Foams

Plastic Applications Only

Densified Talcs
Uniquely designed to minimize processing difficulties without affecting dispersion. These fine and ultra fine grades offer an optimum balance of stiffness and impact properties and are specially designed for application where color of the finished part is of critical importance.

Densified products offer the compounder

  • Increased throughput rates
  • Higher talc loading level options
  • More consistent talc dosage
  • Reduced dusting in plant
  • Delivered cost advantages due to shipping economics

While offering the formulator

  • Optimum balance of stiffness and impact
  • Excellent product color
  • Enhanced LTHA (long term heat aging)

The Kish Company can assist you with your application requirements. We help keep it simple. Contact your Kish authorized representative or contact us directly to assist.