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Refactory Materials

Enhanced Reliability
Barium Sulfate, Ceramic Microspheres, Clays, Mica and Talcs are unique materials that retain their strengths chemically and are physical stable at high temperatures. Refractories must be chosen according to many considerations of application process, materials, specific values of thermal conductivity and of the coefficient of thermal expansion.

General Features:

  • Impart lightweight
  • Insulating properties
  • Extremely consistent
  • Use in casting and gunning
  • Flame resistant products
  • Low bulk density
  • Chemical inertness
  • Resistance to high temperatures

We focus on offering and creating value to our clients by providing outstanding technical, logistics and manufacturing services. Our materials are engineered to support and improve our client’s products, our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in achieving high quality and performance of the products you can rely upon.