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Solid Glass and Semi-Solid Ceramic

Solid Glass Spheres provide a unique additive for thermoplastic and thermosetting resin systems. Their Multiple Benefits, including enhanced processing and reduced manufacturing costs are outline below.

Glass Spheres are smooth, hard and offer excellent chemical resistance and low oil absorption. These and other characteristics enable the spheres to be used in a wide range of applications in the automotive, chemical, electronic, industrial, engineering and photographic industries, where they can substantially reduce reject rates in production.

Paint & Coatings, Printing Inks, Adhesives, Caulks, Sealants, Glues, Polish, Abrasives, Rubber, Plastics

General Features

  • Improved Flow Properties
  • High Resin Displacement
  • Low Shrinkage and Warpage
  • Better Molded Parts
  • Dimensional Stability

Types of Microspheres